About Me

This is an empty set! It contains “nothing”. But “nothing” has to be “nothing” otherwise an empty set contains “something”. It is difficult to imagine nothing!

This is a personal web-page/weblog. It contains personal notes/thoughts mostly on what I am currently learning or technically using. The notes may contain technical definitions, theories, formulas, methods, etc that are not my own thoughts. Although it is usually clear from the context, I, generally, indicate that a sentence/part/content is not (fully) my own thought whenever, in a sentence, I use the pronoun “we“. In this case, reference(s) will be given. The thought/idea/method is my own whenever ‘I” is being used in a sentence. Sometimes, “we” indicates the reader and I (and some characters) together; this is just due to the writing style.

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Please email me: me[at]empty-set.me